Greenhouse Gas Game     

Game Background

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provided research funding to the Sarasota County Transportation Authority to undertake a project that would increase participation of the public in the planning of public transportation programs within their community.

Tim Lampkin and Ann Sheller from Sarasota County developed a Greenhouse Gas game, in which the public could move, consolidate and add various game pieces, each related to a land use type, on a game board. The Greenhouse Gas Game was part of the public transportation planning public participation and education community forums that Sarasota County held in various locations as part of the FTA research project.

The Greenhouse Gas Game was a popular element for the public to use in their planning participation exercises, and Sarasota County contracted with Tindale-Oliver & Associates to create the online application of the game. The objective of the Greenhouse Gas Game is to educate the public on the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to ensure that future development follows the economically viable, environmentally sound and socially equitable sustainable community goals adopted by Sarasota County government. The board game demonstrates how land use patterns impact green house gas emissions and that land use pattern choices can reduce the carbon foot print.